British rocker Liam Gallagher recruited U.K. comedy star Fonejacker to record a humorous opening for the new Beady Eye album.

Gallagher formed the band following the break-up of his group Oasis, and they are preparing to release their second album, Be.

The singer has now revealed the record's lead track, Flick Of The Finger, is based on a demo he wrote more than a decade ago and features a cameo appearance from Kayvan Novak, the funnyman behind hit British prank call series Fonejacker.

Gallagher tells ShortList magazine, "It's (the song is) stomping, in-yer-face (sic). It's just mental. To me, it's like a tsunami just waiting to f**king come at you, and then it gets you... The only guest appearance on the album (is) Fonejacker. And the first thing that people will hear of our new stuff is his voice: 'Say what you believe.' So he's lucked out there, the little f**ker!"

Be is released in June (13).