Liam Gallagher is "passionate" about expanding his fashion label to include a children's line because his son is desperate to wear the range.
The rocker, who is dad to Lennon, 12, and 11-year-old Gene, is the owner of Pretty Green, which launched in 2009 and specialises in retro-style trousers, hats, cagoules and T-shirts.
Gallagher is now considering branching into the kids' wear market, and admits the idea was inspired by his youngest son.
He tells Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, "Lennon... can start wearing the T-shirts but Gene is desperately going, 'Dad, can I have a parka? Can I have this?' And I'm mad for (interested in) getting them made."
The former Oasis star is also open to creating a Pretty Green scent, adding: "Why not? I'm down with the fragrances. I love my Chanel Bleu... I put loads on, you can smell me coming. So I'd definitely do it, without a doubt. I've got no idea how you go about it, though."