Liam Gallagher keeps his CDs in his microwave oven.

The Beady Eye rocker insists his compact disc collection is not as important to him as old vinyl records, so he doesn't worry about keeping them in pristine condition.

He told the new issue of Q magazine: "I've got thousands in my house. I f***ing hate CDs, I've got a load of CDs, but to me they're just f***ing clutter. I don't take care of them.

"They're everywhere. They're in the pillow, in the microwave...

"With a record, you're a bit more precious about it. You put it on, you enjoy it, then you take it off, you give it a clean and you put it away where it's meant to be."

The 'Bring the Light' hitmaker also admitted he is not a fan of many new bands and albums and instead prefers listening to retro records.

The former Oasis frontman said: "The first Kasabian album was f***ing great. I thought, 'Yeah man, that's got me moving again.'

"I don't really listen to new stuff, I'm too wrapped up in the old stuff."