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Lewis Watson - Close

Acoustic singer songwriter Lewis Watson releases a beautiful new love song entitled 'Close', complete with a quirky new video. The song is featured as a demo on his new EP 'Four More Songs' which is available to buy now with a limited number of signed copies also available.

The video is a low quality animation featuring Lewis driving through the countryside in a little white car before somehow ending up driving through the ocean floor through coral reefs and shoals of fish. The madness doesn't stop there however, as his unconventional car journey takes him onto a beach, through a jungle, around a mountain and onto the clouds before he parachutes down back onto a country road. The concept presents a sense of freedom that Watson puts forward in his lyrics and the childishness of the animation enhances the positive feeling that is a far cry from his debut EPs from 2012 'It's Got Four Sad Songs On It' and 'Another Four Sad Songs'.

'Four More Songs' has become Lewis' fourth top ten hit on iTunes having just reached number 10. He has just played a milestone gig at Glastonbury 2013 and shows no sign of relenting yet, with a handful of further festivals on the cards for the rest of the summer.

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Video - Lewis Watson Excites Manchester Crowd With Intimate Rendition Of 'Calling'

Oxford singer Lewis Watson performs his new single 'Calling' in the middle of the crowd at a live show in Manchester. The surrounding audience sing along while filming the unorthodox event on their phones, but towards the end of the track, Lewis insists, 'Right, just shout it don't even sing!' before finishing and weaving his way back to the stage through a dazedly thrilled throng of fans.

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Lewis Watson - It Could Be Better

Oxford singer songwriter Lewis Watson unveils the artistic new video for his track 'It Could Be Better' which features on his recently released third EP 'The Wild'.

The stop-motion effect video shows talented illustrator Lucy MacLeod designing a stunning black and white portrait of him with a ribbon on it reading 'It Could Be Better'. The song is a slow, acoustic affair with an almost bluesy rhythm to it, adding to the sombre tone of the lyrics. It's a sad song, and certainly moving, but it doesn't emanate a sense of misery to the listener - it is simply relaxed and very easy on the ears.

Lewis seems to have a penchant for sad songwriting though, as he first gained attention from his first EP aptly titled 'It's Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW' which was soon followed by 'Another Four Sad Songs' EP. He has now been confirmed as a support act for Benjamin Francis Leftwich on his upcoming UK tour this May and, though he has just completed his first major set of headline dates, will follow-up with a further tour in June 2013. He is also set to hit the big UK festivals this summer with appearances at the Isle of Wight's Bestival, Live at Leeds, Brighton's Great Escape and Dorset's Camp Bestival.

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Picture - Lewis Watson - Oxford singer... Dublin Ireland, Friday 22nd March 2013

Lewis Watson - Oxford singer Lewis Watson arrives at Dublin Airport carrying his guitar - Dublin, Ireland - Friday 22nd March 2013

Lewis Watson
Lewis Watson

Picture - Lewis Watson, , Monday 12th November 2012

Lewis Watson and Bloomsbury Ballroom - Lewis Watson, Monday 12th November 2012 at the launch party for 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' at Bloomsbury Ballroom.

Lewis Watson and Bloomsbury Ballroom
Lewis Watson

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