Lewis Hamilton is unsure if he'll ever release his music.

The Formula One champion has been recording tracks ever since he built a home studio for his ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, and despite other acts gushing about his ability as a musician, he admitted he would prefer to write for other people than sing his own songs.

He told Evening Standard magazine: ''I ... I don't really know. I just like doing it. I mean, if a song I did was good enough for someone to want to sing it, that'd be awesome. To be known as a writer, would be ... pretty awesome. But I'm going to try and get that third world championship and that takes priority.''

Despite confessing his career as a race car driver is taking precedence over his music, the 30-year-old hunk was recently praised by 'All Day' rapper Kanye West, who said he, along with his wife Kim Kardashian West, are big fans.

He said: ''It's so weird, so Lewis Hamilton's over at my house, right? And he starts playing music.

''We're having an Easter brunch and all of the family's there, my wife's family, my friends, everything. And he's playing music, and everybody's like: 'What is this music?!' and I'm like 'It's Lewis Hamilton's music.' They're like: 'Oh my god, I thought it was gonna sound like...' and I'm not gonna say the names of who they thought it was gonna sound like, but it's good. It's really, really good.''