If popcorn-picture auteur John Carpenter made martial arts flicks, they'd be just like "The One" -- an unabashedly cheesy, B-grade sci-fi amusement park ride with half-price special effects, action movie in-jokes, and Jet Li, a star with more charisma and cheap one-liners than acting ability.

As intentionally serio-comical as Carpenter's "They Live" (Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. aliens that walk among us) or his "Escape from..." pictures (leather-clad bad-ass Kurt Russell chewing scenery in post-apocalyptic New York and L.A.), "The One" is a parallel universe yarn in which an evil Jet Li goes dimension-hopping to kill his doppelgangers counterparts.

He's already killed "himself" in 122 out of 123 known realities, absorbing their life force to become super-human along the way. If he kills the last one, he'll become all-powerful -- or possibly make all reality implode, who's to say?

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