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Less Than Jake In With The Out Crowd Album

It is easy to remain unconvinced by the maturing of the post-punk bands - Blink 182 sunk without trace, for example, although Green Day did make their best album after 10 years - as the spit, ire and fire of the younger (and financially poorer) band gives way to discernibly less enthusiasm as they age.

So, following Less Than Jake's move to a major label, with the underrated Anthem, and a collection of B sides, how does this eighth album sound? Much the same, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on where you're from. Slightly heavier on guitars, slightly lighter on horns, and maybe lighter on ideas.

The sound is the same - skater ska punk - but occasionally they knock out a straight rock song. It's hard to say why - these songs add nothing to the rock pantheon, although they do vary the mood (slightly) as the album unfolds. In With The Out Crowd isn't looking for any new audiences, and you'll already know whether you like Less Than Jake. It's not their best album, unfortunately, which does suggest that the youthful energy really was a part of their success, rather than simple unpolished talent.

Rating 6/10

Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials

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