Cannes might be arguably the biggest movie event of the year, with stars and producers working hard to pitch and promote new films, but that doesn’t stop stars like Leonardo DiCapprio from partying it up as well. The Gatsby actor was photographed chilling out on a yacht at Cannes after movie promotional events. But, of course, he wasn’t alone. The photo, posted by E! Online shows the actor relaxing on the deck with no less than five scantily clad ladies around him. Of course, the actor had a number of male friends on hand as well, but we suspect it was mostly the ladies, who were fueling the party.

But don’t let it be said that the actor neglects his work duties. According to E!, Leonardo took multiple breaks from chilling to check his email and make and reply to phone calls, presumably about Cannes events and his future career plans. But of course, all work and no play makes Leo a dull boy, so he also made sure to take frequent smoking breaks and hang out with his guys as well.

There’s only so much time the man can spend working after all and what better place to relax than the French coast in the summer. As for those of us, who can’t afford to jet off to Cannes for a week, we can only dare to dream.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tag Heuer Yacht Party
Ever the yachting enthusiast, Leo attends the Tag Heuer yacht party at Cannes.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gatsby Photocall
Before his break however, the actor had to finish promoting The Great Gatsby.