Leonardo Dicaprio was nowhere to be seen at the London premiere of 'Titanic 3D' last night, despite many of the film's main stars all turning up including his co-lead Kate Winslet, director James Cameron and Billy Zane.
Now the official reason has been given - Di Caprio, ever the work horse, was on the set of one of his forthcoming films 'Django Unchained,' according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film is being shot in Louisiana in the States so there was of course no way the actor could make.
His absence was noted by many who appeared, not least director of the original 1997 film Cameron, who said "I wish Leo could be here but he's shooting a film. It would have been great for Leo to be here, to be part of the celebrations," according to OK! Magazine. "I didn't show him the whole film but I showed him 18 minutes of it a few months ago," Cameron continued, "It was a good reunion for us but great to watch his reaction. He couldn't believe it. He said to me, 'I'm such a young punk. Look at me.' He was practically crawling under the seat. It was a good moment." The film made billions at the box office worldwide after its release in 1997, and took 11 Academy Awards that year, ascending both DiCaprio and Winslet's already blooming careers yet further.