Leonardo Dicaprio traded A-list eateries for a small cafe in Edinburgh on Thursday, as he visited the city ahead of the Scottish Business Awards.

DiCaprio dined on macaroni and cheese with one lucky fan who had won a raffle for a lunch date with the Oscar winner, at the Social Bite cafe in Queensferry Street.

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio is visiting Edinburgh

The cafe is one of many branches in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen which gives all profits to the city’s homeless, as well as providing them with training an employment.

Speaking about her lunch with DiCaprio, the lucky raffle winner Elise Lovell told The Mirror that the subject of Donald Trump’s election came up during their chat.

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"Someone asked the question about how he felt about the result, he kind of laughed and said it was definitely a shock. He didn't go into too much detail,” Ms Lovell said.

"I guess he's looking to see how the next administration will progress in terms of climate change and the work he's doing.

"He was very charming, he took lots of pictures. He made everyone feel welcome. He was absolutely charming,” she added.

DiCaprio will also attend the Scottish Business Awards on Thursday night as their guest speaker.

"Leonardo is not only a famous actor, he is a pioneering environmentalist and committed philanthropist whose charitable work is making a global impact," said awards chairman Sir Tom Hunter.

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"To have him address our nation's premier businesses and entrepreneurs is incredibly exciting,” he added.

Last year fellow Hollywood star George Clooney was the event’s guest speaker. During his trip he also visited a Social Bite cafe to dine with a fan.