Leonardo Dicaprio took 27 takes to kiss Joanna Lumley in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

The 66-year-old actress - who is 28 years older than the 'Titanic' star - revealed the Hollywood hunk was so nervous about locking lips with her for Martin Scorsese's new crime drama movie that it took him a while to get into his groove.

She said: ''Unfortunately, with the kissing he took a while getting used to it. So I was like, 'Try, try again'. There were 27 takes!''

But Joanna didn't appear to mind the 38-year-old star needed so many attempts to kiss her on set, and revealed she loves being regarded as a ''National Treasure'' in Britain because she can get away without doing certain things.

Speaking on 'Alan Carr's Chatty Man' show, which airs tonight (08.03.13) at 10pm on Channel 4, she added: ''I do play the National Treasure card at home. Everything is done for me at home.

''I love the words National Treasure as I have been banging around the block.

''It is like looking for a parking space -- you go round and round.

''You do good parts and bad parts. People remember you and you do more shows.

''You are like an old car and people still like you and say, 'Oh look, it's the old car'.''