Leonardo Dicaprio is obsessed with jackets.

The 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor insists he doesn't splash out much on clothes, but can't resist purchasing new coats, even if they are only slightly difference to ones already in his wardrobe.

Asked his biggest temptation, he said: ''Buying jackets. I'm not a fancy car or private plane sort of person. I don't even have a huge amount of clothes, but if I see a jacket and I already have one like it but the collar's different or it's fluffier or softer, I've got to have it.''

Leonardo insists he isn't very extravagant and the most expensive purchase he has ever made was buying a house for his mother.

He said: ''A house for my mom early on [is the most expensive thing I've bought]. Then I bought her a bigger one. I also bought a Warhol, but my mom's house cost more.''

In his latest movie, 'The Wolf of Wall Street', Leonardo plays real-life hedonistic stockbroker Jordan Belfort and as well as spending a lot of time with the reformed party animal, the 39-year-old star also studied YouTube videos of drunk people in order to make his drug-fuelled antics seem as believable as possible.

He explained to Britain's Hello! magazine: ''Let me make it plain that I didn't know about that [being high] from personal experience. But I did talk to Jordan about it.

''Plus there's a thing on YouTube called 'The Drunkest Guy Ever' - it's real footage from a liquor store of a guy that's so drunk his motor skills are shut down but he's still fighting as much as he can to get off the floor because the need to get somewhere doesn't stop.''