Leonardo Dicaprio should be back from Australia by now surely, the Oscar-snubbed actor has been in the southern hemisphere for the best part of the Autumn and into the winter, alongside fellow co-stars Toby Maguire and Carey Mulligan whilst they film Baz Luhrmann's epic film adaptation of the great novel 'The Great Gatsby.' Whilst they were no doubt expecting to be making an epic however, none of them were probably planning on the filming being quite so grand in scale as well.
DiCaprio, and indeed all the 'The Great Gatsby' cast and crew are still in Australia, even though filming was supposed to wrap up before Christmas, as the production of the movie starts stretching well over time and - you'd presume - budget. Local press Adelaide Now have been spotting the crew around the region still, after their plans were spoiled by a wet summer down under. Trying to grab what sun they can, the Gatsby team are still, as a result, some way short of completing the filming work.
Rumors are that this is now eating into Luhrmann's $120 million budget for the film, with some sources claiming to the Adelaide-based press that each day's delay is costing him $1 million each time - figures that have been strenuously denied by a rep. It's believed that set re-building is proving the main cost of the delays, with some cast members being paid extra to ensure they hold off other projects.