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Lady Gaga Cried At Her Portrait

21st January 2014

Lady Gaga cried when she saw a portrait of her at the Louvre art gallery in Paris yesterday (20.01.14).The 'Sexxx Dreams' singer visited the French landmark - home to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da...

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Pharrell Williams Writes Songs In The Shower

2nd December 2013

Pharrell Williams writes his best music in the shower.The chart-topping 'Get Lucky' hitmaker feels most inspired when he's standing under a flow of running water or sitting on an aeroplane because the background noises help...

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Pharrell Williams Obsessed With Einstein

9th November 2013

Pharrell Williams works like Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci.The rapper-and-producer is ''obsessed'' with the work of the scientist and can see similarities between his own thought processes and that of the physicist and artist.He said:...

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British Stars Re-enact Da Vinci's The Last Supper

17th September 2013

A host of British acting greats have come together to recreate a modern version of Leonardo Da Vinci's biblical painting The Last Supper.Robert Powell, who played Jesus Christ in 1970s mini-series Jesus of Nazareth, takes...

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Lost Leonardo Da Vinci Sculpture To Be Unveiled To The World In Beverly Hills

13th August 2012

A lost Leonardo Da Vinci sculpture, which has been recreated in bronze, is to be unveiled to the world at a private event in Beverly Hills at the end of August (12).The Horse & Rider...

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Brit Riley Lands Da Vinci Role In Mini-series

24th January 2012

British actor Tom Riley is set to become the latest star to play Leonardo Da Vinci onscreen after signing on to play the artist and great thinker in TV mini-series Da Vinci's Demons.The project will...

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Mona Lisa Muse's Bones To Be Dug Up

6th April 2011

Italian forensics experts have been given permission to dig up the remains of the woman who reportedly posed for Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa in an effort to find out more about her.Historians confirmed longstanding...

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Da Vinci To Be Dug Up?

1st February 2010

LEONARDO DA VINCI's body could be exhumed in France if Italian scholars get their way.Scientists hope their controversial plans to dig up the artist, who died in 1519, and carry out DNA tests on his...

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Mona Lisa Mystery Solved

16th January 2008

The mystery of the MONA LISA has been solved by German scholars, who insist the subject of LEONARDO DA VINCI's famous painting was the wife of a Florentine businessman. For centuries art lovers and experts...

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Howard's Da Vinci Dilemma

21st April 2006

Director RON HOWARD was thrilled when French President JACQUES CHIRAC allowed him to film THE DA VINCI CODE in Parisian gallery La Louvre - but he was then restricted at every turn. La Louvre was...

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Hanks Flashed The Mona Lisa

13th April 2006

TOM HANKS stripped naked in front of LEONARDO DA VINCI's MONA LISA during filming for new movie THE DA VINCI CODE, because he had nowhere else to undress. The Oscar-winner had to make a costume...

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The Things They Say 1847

13th April 2006

"TOM HANKS and I were looking at the MONA LISA at about 2.30 in the morning. It was a rare, rare, amazing moment." Movie-maker RON HOWARD on the highlight of making THE DA VINCI CODE...

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Brown Faces Another Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Claim

12th April 2006

Author DAN BROWN has been accused of plagiarism in THE DA VINCI CODE just days after he was cleared in London's High Court of similar allegations. Russian art historian DR MIKHAIL ANIKIN, a LEONARDO DA...

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Pharrell: 'I'm Just Like Da Vinci'

8th March 2006

Hip-hop heart-throb PHARRELL WILLIAMS has found a new role model - 15th century genius LEONARDO DA VINCI. The ex-N*E*R*D frontman may not have painted a masterpiece or tried his hand at pioneering engineering techniques, but...

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Da Vinci Code Lands Louvre And Cathedral

26th May 2005

Movie-makers behind the star-studded adaptation of bestselling book THE DA VINCI CODE have landed prestigious filming locations in Paris's Louvre museum and England's Lincoln Cathedral. Director RON HOWARD and COLUMBIA PICTURES have secured the...

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Jackson's Bedroom On View To Court

3rd March 2005

LATEST: Jurors in the MICHAEL JACKSON child molestation trial were given an eerie DVD tour of the King of Pop's Neverland Ranch home in court this morning (03MAR05). The jury was shown footage captured...

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Carlin's Book Pulled From Wal-mart Stores

1st November 2004

Comedian and actor GEORGE CARLIN's new book WHEN WILL JESUS BRING THE PORK CHOPS has been taken off shelves at all WAL-MART stores across America because the cover is considered blasphemous. Bosses at America's...

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Crowe, Clooney, Hanks And Jackman Battle For Role

28th September 2004

Hollywood hunks RUSSELL CROWE, GEORGE CLOONEY, TOM HANKS and HUGH JACKMAN are battling for the lead role in movie adaptation of best-seller THE DA VINCI CODE. The film's director, RON HOWARD will choose which...

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