For a recording artist at the very beginning of their career, breaking into the music charts is like a dream come true. However, Leona Lewis - a seasoned pro - not breaking the top 200 chart with her latest single, 'Lovebird', is tantamount to a disaster. 

A source told The Mirror: "This is a bitter pill to swallow for Leona and there is no sugar-coating it. The single was strong and should have done better but, unfortunately, there was no real marketing force behind it," adding, "It's a little embarrassing for the label because they have invested so heavily in Leona. Having said that, the album did really well and the main thing for Leona is that she's really proud of all the tracks. There are no fillers." Selling fewer than 600 copies in its first week, 'Lovebird', which comes from Leona's latest album Glassheart, came out on 9 December, but failed to make the top 200, making it her lowest-selling single ever. The source blamed lack of radio airplay and the fact that it "wasn't released as an official second single" for the disappointing performance. 

'Trouble' feat Childish Gambino, the heavily promoted first single from her new album, did much better, making it into the Top 10 and peaking at No 7. Her failure to dominate the charts will come as stark reminder to recent X-Factor winner James Arthur, proving that simply winning the competition alone doesn't guarantee you unmitigated success.