Leona Lewis shares her beauty products with her horse.

The 'One More Sleep' hitmaker is a fan of coconut-based cosmetics and likes the effects they give her so much, she has also started using them on her pet.

She said: ''I'm quite obsessed with coconut, I put it on my skin and my hair. I learnt that from my grandma. I even put it on my horse. That sounds pretty weird, but I put it in his hair and he really loves it.''

The 28-year-old is insistent on not using any cosmetics that are made using animal products or are tested on animals, and says her requirements can make it difficult to get ready in her working life, such as performances and music video shoots.

She said: ''I definitely am quite strict about it. My make-up and hair people know I don't use any brushes that use real animal hair and we stay away from products from parts of the world where they're animal-tested and not humane at all.

''I've only just learnt that a lot of the red pigment in cosmetics is actually from beetles and I think some of the shimmers in bronzers can be made from fish scales. So I like Body Shop products; I don't have to worry about such ingredients in its red lipsticks and shimmer palettes.''