Leona Lewis enlisted her own friends to star alongside her in the video for new Christmas song One More Sleep - only for them to start a food fight on set.

The Bleeding Love hitmaker persuaded producers to ditch their plans to hire professionals to play her pals in the promo for the first single from her debut festive-themed album, Christmas, With Love, and suggested her own mates joined in the fun.

She says, "It’s me and my mates. They wanted me to cast a bunch of actors but that wasn’t happening because I wanted it to be realistic. I feel like they are a handsome bunch!

  "They were on their best behaviour and still they were a bit mental. They were chucking s**t around the kitchen. My friend has dreads (dreadlocks) and we were putting flour in his hair, as he can’t wash it – he wanted to kill us! He was shouting 'Don’t touch my hair!' It was so much fun."