Rocker Lenny Kravitz is urging his fans to donate $1 (£0.62) to help support Unicef's clean water campaign.
The Fly Away hitmaker has filmed a video for the organisation's Tap Project scheme, which aims to give residents in the developing world adequate drinking supplies.
In a promotional video for the campaign, Kravitz says, "A glass of clean, safe tap water. There's nothing more basic and nothing more important to life - but during World Water Month, a glass of water can go a lot further than you think.
"From March 19th to the 25th, just $1 for Tap Water can help Unicef provide clean, safe water for 40 kids in need. When you take water, give water."
In a post on his page, he adds, "Proud to support Unicef USA and their Tap Project this year. Please help bring clean water to all children. Love, Lenny."