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Jerry Seinfeld Relished Court Battle Over Chef's Lawsuit

Jerry Seinfeld Lenny Bruce

Jerry Seinfeld was disappointed when a judge threw out a "ridiculous" lawsuit against him - because he was looking forward to fighting "the system" like his hero Lenny Bruce.

The funnyman was caught up in a legal battle after chef Missy Chase Lapine filed suit against him for mocking her during an appearance on David Letterman's U.S. chat show in 2007.

Seinfeld was adamant his remarks were covered by free speech as detailed in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and he was relishing the prospect of a legal battle similar to legendary stand-up comedian Bruce's clashes with authority in the 1960s over his obscenity-laden routines.

But the case was dismissed by a judge in New York last month (Feb11) because it was clear Seinfeld was joking during the TV interview.

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Bruce Memorabilia To Be Auctioned To Fund Women's Shelter

Lenny Bruce

The family of legendary funnyman Lenny Bruce is putting the comic's keepsakes up for auction to raise cash for a women's shelter that bears his name.

Rare memorabilia from his estate, including letters, one of his trademark trench coats and his typewriter will go under the hammer on what would have been the late comedian's 84th birthday (13Oct09).

The auction, which will benefit shelter Lenny’s House, will take place on the comic's official website and run until 28 October (09).

Famous fans and friends of Bruce, including Elizabeth Taylor, Chris Rock, Hugh Hefner and Yoko Ono, have also contributed items for the auction.

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Diamond Auditioned For Lenny

Neil Diamond Lenny Bruce

Rocker Neil Diamond was so desperate to ditch his squeaky-clean image, he once auditioned to play troubled comedian Lenny Bruce.

Diamond was desperate to land the lead role in the 1974 drama Lenny and reportedly performed a successful screen test in which he "transformed" into the controversial funnyman.

David Wild, author of Diamond's biography He Is... I Say, tells gossip column Page Six, "In just a few seconds, he somehow transformed himself into a believable dirty-mouthed, Constitution-defending comedian."

The part ultimately went to Dustin Hoffman, who scored a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of the comic.

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Lenny Bruce Without Tears Review

This very rough documentary, produced way back in 1972, is only finally available on DVD, and Lenny Bruce fans will find plenty to like. Filled with archival video and audio of the infamous comedian, Lenny Bruce Without Tears captures Bruce at nearly every stage in his career -- from his tepid early years to raunchy mid-career stuff to the seldom seen drugged-out zombie he'd become in the years leading up to his death by overdose. All the usual highlights of the Lenny Bruce story -- namely covering his trouble with the law -- are covered with due expedience.

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Lenny Bruce: Swear To Tell The Truth Review

Having proved his ability to handle writing and producing narrative film with Mother Night, Robert Weide and the crew of WhyADuck productions take on a much more difficult medium with Lenny Bruce: Swear to tell the Truth. The documentary, highly easy to do badly, can be just as emotional touching, just as engaging as the narrative film. The majority of them, obviously, are not. A very select few are able to touch you like the narrative film can, are able to pull you in and make you experience them.

I have seen probably fifty documentaries in my time. I have reviewed four of them. Only two of the documentaries I have ever seen have been able to engage me like Lenny Bruce: Swear to tell the Truth did.

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Rollins: 'Cosby Turned Me On To Comedy'

Henry Rollins Bill Cosby Lenny Bruce

Rocker-turned-funnyman Henry Rollins was inspired to become a comedian after listening to Bill Cosby's routines - because he always kept his act clean.

While Rollins, who is also an author and actor, found inspiration in the work of late, foul-mouthed comic Lenny Bruce, it was Cosby who taught him that comedy didn't have to be peppered with bad language.

He says, "Cosby was huge to me as a kid. He was clean humour so there was no cussing, he was telling stories about the old neighbourhood, about all the kids.

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Davis And Bruce Changed Pryor's Life

Richard Pryor Lenny Bruce Miles Davis

Veteran comic Richard Pryor's life was dramatically changed by iconic satirist Lenny Bruce and jazz musician Miles Davis.

The LOST HIGHWAY star compares his devotion to Davis' album BITCHES BREW to his cocaine addiction and believes that he owes his prolific comic career to Bruce.

The 64-year-old says, "I never heard anything like Lenny Bruce before and I remember thinking, 'If this is comedy, then what the f*** am I doing?' So I played his record over and over, every night

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Lenny Bruce Posthumously Pardoned

Lenny Bruce

Late comedian Lenny Bruce has been pardoned for an obscenity conviction, 37 years after his death.

The comic was convicted in 1964 of "giving an obscene performance" at the CAFE AU GO GO in New York, and died two years later, aged 40, of a drug overdose.

Yesterday (23DEC03), Governor GEORGE PATAKI said the pardon represented the city's commitment to Americans' constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech.

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Sharif And O'Toole's Wild Night With Lenny Bruce

Omar Sharif Peter O'Toole Lenny Bruce Sam Spiegel Beverly Hills Hotel

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA stars Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole once kept outrageous comic Lenny Bruce out of jail by refusing to leave a Los Angeles police station without him.

The trio were arrested as part of a police drugs raid on Bruce's Hollywood home, where the comic had been shooting up just minutes earlier - after a night out with his new pals.

A sober Sharif decided to use his phone call to call legendary Tinseltown producer Sam Spiegel and ask for help.

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Stones' Keith Slams Rap Music

Keith Richards Bo Diddley Lenny Bruce

Legendary guitarist Keith Richards despises gangsta rap, and hopes it passes like another silly trend.

The veteran performer, known for his wild ways and legendary tolerance for substances, is convinced rap's roots lie with Bo Diddley and older Jamaican styles.

Richards, currently touring on the ROLLING STONES' FORTY LICKS bus, explains, "I think of (gangsta rap) like the hula hoop, as a fad. With the baseball caps and the baggy pants - I just got bored with what they were saying.

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Lenny Bruce

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