Lena Dunham, the writer-producer-director-star of the hit HBO series Girls is rapidly becoming something of a TV golden girl and has now been given the chance to shine again with a new HBO project.

After the recent announcement that her show has been renewed for a third season (is it any wonder, after such a successful awards run?), news that Dunham is working on a new project for HBO has surfaced, according to USA Today. The new show (don’t get too excited, people, nothing is certain yet) will be centered around the life and career of fashion matron Betty Halbreich. Halbreich, 85, has had a long and respectable career as a stylist and personal shopper at New York’s infamous Bergdorf Goodman department store, and it is no wonder that Dunham, a NY native herself, has chosen such a prominent New Yorker as the subject of her next project. She will work on the show alongside Girls producer Jenny Konner.

The show is just one of many projects HBO has on the backburner, so even if it sounds interesting, don’t get your hopes too high. If it does happen it might be quite a long wait too, as the team have to first pen a script that gets approved by the network - and will be doing so with the help of Halbreich's memoirs. If it does go through, the team will shoot a pilot episode and, based on that, HBO will decide whether to approve the show for a full season. Still, it does sound like a cool (if slightly snooty) premise. You should probably be at least somewhat excited to see what comes out of it, is all we’re saying.