The Girls creator and star insists she is in the best shape of her life thanks to celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, as well as regular sessions of Pilates and AquaYoga.

She admits her parents, who are in their sixties, gave her the incentive to shape up when they started getting fit.

Dunham explains, "Both my parents, who are 65... are both really exercise fiends and it started in the last five years... My dad can lift these really heavy weights and do kettle bells and they can both jump rope and they look really hot, and I was just starting to feel, like, I was really dragging behind... I was like, 'You're more than twice my age and I look like a bag of trash next to you'."

Dunham also reveals her dad has really noticed her new healthy glow, adding, "My dad did say to me that my inner light was finally turned on."