Actress Lena Dunham suffered a nasty run-in with her pet pooch on Wednesday (28May14) when he bit her in the backside and drew blood.

The Girls star and creator took to her account and showed off her blood-stained panties, emblazoned with the phrase "Hopeless Romantic", after her rescue dog Lamby attacked her butt.

In the accompanying caption, she wrote, "My dog bit me on the a** and (co-star) Jemima Kirke captured the image of a life time #hopelessromantic #therewillbeblood".

She later posted a picture of Lamby lying on her bed, and joked, "Now he's acting like he never nipped me on the behind", while she also admitted, "Lamby has bitten me twice and both times it was in response to me sobbing."

Dunham has since assured fans the injury isn't as bad as it looks, tweeting, "The bite doesn't hurt that much. Just continuing to make pathetic excuses for my dog: he had a hard childhood, my shorts were too short, etc."

The actress took little Lamby into her care last year (13) after finding him at a shelter in Brooklyn, New York.