HBO’s Girls is usually a love-it-or-hate-it affair, with the first two seasons being both praised for being Fresh, Revolutionary and Different and reviled for being whitewashed and rather tedious. That’s why the upcoming third season, the teaser for which has just been released can make or break this one. Unfortunately, Lena Dunham and co. haven’t really given us much to go on for Girls’ 2014 reboot.

Watch the Season 3 picture teaser below.

We’re happy to know that the cast and crew had a blast filming. It’s nice that Shoshanna has new hair. But all the Instagram filters and powerpop in the world can’t replace an actual story, which in season 2 was rather lacking.

Of course, the show isn’t without its loyal fanbase and has earned quite a lot of critical success as well. Girls cleaned out at this year’s Golden Globes, winning for Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical, while Dunham herself captured the statuette for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical. And while awards definitely don’t always mean quality, the two statuettes should be enough of an incentive to watch – provided you use your parents’ HBO Go password, a la Hannah Horvath.

Lena Dunham, Met Gala
Lena Dunham is still very entertaining though.

Die-hard Girls fans should be excited, however, and the show will be back on screen soon(ish) and, if Season 3 features some of that “fresh”, “edgy” and “risqué” writing we remember from the first one and less of Hannah mooching money off her parents, it might even be worth a watch from the rest of us.

Lena Dunham, Met Gala
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