HBO’s oxymoronically described comedy-drama Girls made a welcome return to US TV screens at the weekend, which saw character favorites Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie, Jessa getting straight back into the thick of it, picking up on the last season’s themes of sexual and professional triumphs and disasters – oh, what a lark these lot seem to have.

The Huffington Post reckons that Hannah – played by Lena Dunham – has the typical ‘things will be different’ aura around her, an affliction that can hit any TV character as a new season of their show starts up again. She’s dumped her boyfriend, Adam, from last season for a guy called Sandy, and is fully over her ex… apart from the fact that she was partly responsible for him getting hit by a truck last season and so is spending lots of time with him helping him get better. Hmmm…

Meanwhile, Shoshanna is being icy towards the man who she lost her virginity with - Ray. There’s a reason for that; she sent him a load of weird texts full of emoticons which weirded him out. He didn’t reply to them and so Shoshanna has been performing rituals in the hope of ruining his life; however, the awkward Ray manages to charm his way back in and it looks like they could be on again. Marnie’s having a grimmer time, her ex is head over heels with the girl he started dating after they broke up, his mother’s hooked up with someone and she’s just lost her job. Things get even worse when she tries to have sex with gay friend Elijah after he suggests he might be bisexual; this too fails.

Jessa meanwhile is absent from the entire episode until the end when she makes an appearance with new husband Thomas-John! Pitching a marriage into all of this is surely going to prove great entertainment as the series develops.