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Bruce Willis To Die Hard Again

24th February 2010

'Die Hard 5' is in the works. Bruce Willis confirmed a fifth instalment of the movie franchise, in which he has starred since 1988, is likely to be made in 2011. He said: "I think...

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Kate Beckinsale's Sexy Pressure

14th January 2010

Kate Beckinsale felt like "a hunchback with blackheads" when she was named Sexiest Woman Alive.The 'Nothing But The Truth' actress says she had never felt so unsexy as when she was given the honour by...

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Gwen Stefani's Italian Birthday

5th October 2009

Gwen Stefani celebrated her 40th birthday at the weekend with a family dinner.The 'Hollerback Girl' singer enjoyed a meal at exclusive Italian restaurant Cecconi's in West Hollywood on Saturday (03.10.09), where she was joined by...

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Kate Beckinsale's Hair Dilemma

13th September 2009

Kate Beckinsale's daughter throws tantrums if she changes her hairstyle.The 'Whiteout' actress has revealed 10-year-old Lily - her daughter with ex-partner Michael Sheen - hates it if she changes her flowing brunette locks, and isn't...

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The Things They Say 13427

11th September 2009

"I have a good-looking husband... but don't kick a ball in his direction or he'll run away." KATE BECKINSALE admits her husband LEN WISEMAN doesn't have too much in common with pal VICTORIA BECKHAM's soccer...

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Kate Beckinsale Celebrates With Stars

29th July 2009

Kate Beckinsale celebrated her 36th birthday with a star-studded bash in Los Angeles last night (28.07.09).The stunning actress was joined by her director husband Len Wiseman, Eva Longoria Parker and David and Victoria Beckham at...

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Wiseman Set To Take Underworld To Tv?

26th January 2009

UNDERWORLD director LEN WISEMAN is set to downsize his werewolf versus vampire movie franchise by turning it into a TV drama. The director has just released Underworld: Rise of The Lycans in America, and he...

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Beckinsale 'Proud' Wiseman And Sheen Get Along

23rd June 2008

Actress KATE BECKINSALE has praised her husband LEN WISEMAN and the father of her child MICHAEL SHEEN for not letting their pride interfere with the welfare of her daughter LILY. The English beauty had Lily...

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Fascinating Fact 5067

23rd March 2008

Pop star VICTORIA BECKHAM and her soccer ace husband DAVID have made new friends in Hollywood - the couple was spotted dining out with fellow Brit KATE BECKINSALE and her partner LEN WISEMAN in Los...

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The Things They Say 7609

14th March 2008

"I got into trouble with LEN when I said that ADAM was my second favourite person after Len. He said, 'You didn't have to say that.'" KATE BECKINSALE upset husband LEN WISEMAN when she confessed...

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Beckinsale: 'Willis Stole My Husband'

16th November 2007

Hollywood star KATE BECKINSALE was once jealous of actor BRUCE WILLIS - because he spent valuable time with her husband LEN WISEMAN on the set of DIE HARD 4.0. The actress resents Wiseman's occupation because...

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Butler Escapes New York

31st October 2007

Gerard Butler has quit the upcoming remake of Escape from New York over 'creative differences', reports claim.The 300 star signed up to follow in Kurt Russell's footsteps as Snake Plissken in the New Line remake...

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Wiseman Set To Direct Escape From New York Remake

15th August 2007

Filmmaker LEN WISEMAN is in negotiations to direct the remake of cult classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Actor Gerard Butler has already signed up to star in the update of director John Carpenter's futuristic action...

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Wiseman Comes Full Circle In Making Die Hard

6th July 2007

Director LEN WISEMAN was inspired to become a filmmaker from his childhood awe with Bruce Willis as John MCClane in Die Hard (88). The Underworld filmmaker has come full-circle with the direction of the latest...

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Wiseman: 'I Removed Willis' Vest'

6th July 2007

Director LEN WISEMAN refused to disguise BRUCE WILLIS' age in the long-awaited fourth DIE HARD movie - but was forced to remove the hero's iconic white vest. Wiseman says he did not want to trade...

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Wisemen Impressed Beckinsale With Sketches

5th July 2007

Director LEN WISEMAN won the heart of wife KATE BECKINSALE by drawing impressive sketches of her. Wiseman was responsible for drawing the storyboards for the 2003 movie Underworld and reveals it was his sketches that...

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Willis Defends Wiseman Choice For Die Hard 4

28th May 2007

Movie star BRUCE WILLIS has defended his directorial choice in DIE HARD sequel LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, insisting LEN WISEMAN provided a "great collaboration". The actor reprises his role as police officer John MCClane...

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Beckinsale Is Starved Of Sex

21st May 2007

KATE BECKINSALE is so starved of sex, she has threatened to turn her workaholic director husband LEN WISEMAN into her slave. Beckinsale claims Wiseman is spending too much time away from home making Die Hard...

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The Things They Say 4466

15th April 2007

"I've had great experiences with people I've met on films; I've married half of them. I should come with a warning sign that says, 'Don't worry, I'm not going to marry you. I'm done.'" KATE...

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Beckinsale's Daughter Amused By Botox

8th April 2007

English actress KATE BECKINSALE is amused by her daughter's reaction to the Botoxed women in Hollywood, because she compares them to HARRY POTTER baddies. The VAN HELSING beauty lives in Los Angeles with director husband...

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Beckinsale Wants Latifah's Breasts

6th April 2007

British actress KATE BECKINSALE wants to switch bodies with QUEEN LATIFAH for a day because she wants to know what it feels like to be big and busty. The UNDERWORLD star is considered one of...

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Beckinsale Knows How To Keep Her Man Pleased

2nd March 2007

Actress KATE BECKINSALE knows how to keep her filmmaker husband LEN WISEMAN happy - by having lots of sex with him. Beckinsale claims the couple, who met on the set of UNDERWORLD in 2003, maintain...

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Sheen: 'I Don't Blame Beckinsale'

14th February 2007

THE QUEEN star MICHAEL SHEEN has forgiven his ex-girlfriend KATE BECKINSALE after she left him for the director of the film they were working on together. The British actor was in a relationship with the...

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Smith Plays Warlock In Die Hard 4

17th January 2007

Cult movie-maker KEVIN SMITH has signed up to play a "master hacker" called THE WARLOCK in the new DIE HARD movie LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. The CLERKS director joins BRUCE WILLIS, TIMOTHY OLYPHANT and...

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Fascinating Fact 2609

15th December 2006

DEADWOOD star TIMOTHY OLYPHANT has been confirmed as the villain in BRUCE WILLIS' fourth DIE HARD movie LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. The action film, directed by LEN WISEMAN, will hit cinemas next summer (JUN07)....

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Beckinsale's Unusual Family Bliss

28th September 2006

Hollywood beauty KATE BECKINSALE is glad she split from her daughter's father MICHAEL SHEEN and married director LEN WISEMAN, because LILY is lucky enough to have two fathers. The PEARL HARBOR star met Wiseman on...

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Beckinsale And Sandler's Perfect 'Marriage'

28th September 2006

Hollywood actress KATE BECKINSALE loved her on-screen relationship with ADAM SANDLER so much, she didn't want their "blissful" marriage to end. The PEARL HARBOR star, who is married to director LEN WISEMAN, relished spending time...

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Die Hard Set For Next Summer

3rd August 2006

LATEST: BRUCE WILLIS will return to the big screen next summer (07) in the fourth installment of the DIE HARD action series, it has been confirmed. After a decade on hiatus, Willis will reprise his...

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Beckinsale Still Not Driving

18th June 2006

British actress KATE BECKINSALE still hasn't mastered driving in Los Angeles - and she fears she'll never be able to get behind the wheel of a car there. The UNDERWORLD star doesn't have a driving...

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Beckinsale Shocked By Racy Reputation

15th June 2006

VAN HELSING star KATE BECKINSALE was shocked when she read salacious gossip about her split from boyfriend MICHAEL SHEEN in the tabloids in 2003, because she is actually quite conservative. The actress was filming UNDERWORLD...

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