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For anyone who hasn't had a serving of lemon jelly since 2000 let me re-introduce you to the dynamic duo - the kings of "sitting down" dance music!

Lemon Jelly otherwise known as Fred Deakin & Nick Franglen after working separately on musical projects Fred and Nick found they both they weren't enjoying the current state of the music scene so they took the next natural step and started to write music together. Lemon Jelly was the result; they took the beats, loops & samples of dance music and made it sublime and unconventional. Though Lemon Jelly's music is mellow the most fitting description is, 'its not Pass the Beanbag muzak. It's Get Things Done music. Chill-out? Hell no, chill-up!'

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Everything about lemon jelly is accurate, the pair always take great care and time over their music, even the CD sleeves are always a delight to look at. was the name of their first album, this was named after their website that had to be based in the Cayman Isles to be able to register it under the letters KY.

The pair that have never had any publicity pictures of them selves taken, now bring us 'Space Walk' the three track single taken off the eagerly anticipated album Lost Horizons due out on the 21st of October. Spacewalk took its inspiration from the Apollo moon landings (self explanatory on listening!). and it is everything you would expect from a pair who just enjoy writing and producing great music.

To download your own piece of Lemon Jelly (in the form of a screen saver) visit their website.

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