Leighton Meester makes her own perfumes.

The 'Gossip Girl' star likes to wear scents that are unique to her so visits a store in New York where can pick out her favourite smells and have them made into a fragrance.

She said: "I make my own scent - it's mixed for me in a fragrance store in New York. They keep your smell selections on file so you can go back and re-order the same perfume, or you can change it each time."

As well as making sure she smells good, Leighton also has a strict daily beauty routine as knows it's important to take care of herself.

She told You magazine: "I like La Roche-Posay cleanser followed by a spray of Evian, and that pretty much does the trick in terms of skin cleansing. I use Skyn Iceland Antioxidant Calming Serum, too, especially when I'm flying. To condition my hair I use Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Mask and Beautiful Ends Leave-in Cream. I am a big fan of conditioner - I have to be, as my hair is put through far more than the average girl's."

However, despite always smelling nice and taking time over her appearance, Leighton's biggest beauty tip is to be confident in your skin.

She said: "My best tip is to love the way you look - the way your hair is naturally, the way your face looks without make-up. Once you feel happy with this you'll feel more comfortable with everything else."