I'm not sure if there's much of a "legend" around Leigh Bowery, but for the uninitiated (and I figure that means about 99.9% of you reading this), Leigh Bowery was a club kid who stormed London with his gender-bending attire and outrageous selection of hats.

Here he's re-imagined as an "outrageous and outlandish artist" whose band Minty was prone to incorporate stunts like having Bowery lie on the ground in a dress, scream, and have a "blood"-covered naked woman crawl out from between his splayed legs as if she'd just been born. Here he's eulogized repeatedly by his friends and contemporaries -- all of whom try to re-up one another with a more outrageous costume than the previous person on camera -- with everyone waxing upon how important Bowery was to "the scene."

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