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Author Jim Harrison Dies At 78

Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt

The writer and poet passed away at his home in Patagonia, Arizona on Saturday (26Mar16).

Harrison wrote more than 40 works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry throughout his career, but he was best known for his 1979 historical saga, Legends of the Fall.

The collection of three novellas spans over five decades and tells the tales of a Montana rancher and his three sons in the early 20th century, as their lives are affected by nature, war, and love.

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Pitt Fought To Keep Favourite Scene In Legends Of The Fall

Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt fought to keep his favourite scene from Legends of the Fall in the film after test audiences told researchers they hated it.

The movie star was stunned when he learned director Ed Zwick had been told to cut the scene and demanded to see the marketing reports from the screening.

He tells Entertainment Weekly, "They said it was the most hated scene. I said, 'That can't be. I understand that it's uncomfortable, but it's a monumental scene. Can I see these reports?'

"They showed them to me. It was also the second-most-liked scene, and I go, 'Guys, this is exactly why we're here. We want to evoke emotion, not favourable opinion, not agreement.'"

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Ormond's Eye-rolling Trick Makes People Feel Sick

Legends of the Fall Julia Ormond

Legends of the Fall star Julia Ormond won her first acting role by rolling her eyes and making people feel nauseous.
The British actress recalls auditioning for a cottage cheese commercial as a child - and found her talent for rolling her eyes in different directions came in handy.
She tells OK! magazine, "I had to hold a pot of cottage cheese and they had little animated chunks of pineapple and fruits that came out of the pot.
"I was supposed to watch them, so I was rolling my eyes all over the place.
"They ended up not using it, because it made people nauseous watching it."

Ormond Appeals Against Human Traffic

Julia Ormond Legends of the Fall

British actress Julia Ormond has called upon international law enforcement agencies to work together to end human trafficking.
The Legends of the Fall star, who has been involved in the fight against modern day slavery for over a decade, spoke on behalf of a United Nations campaign to stamp out the global issue. The drive comes as Britain marks its 200th anniversary of abolishing slavery.
Ormond, 42, says, "What we do know is that the statistics are the tip of the iceberg."
She adds global agencies must begin to "apply anti-trafficking laws equally - that's the crucial part".

Kilmer Forced To Leave Latest Film

Val Kilmer Meryl Streep Legends of the Fall Aidan Quinn

Val Kilmer has quit his latest film DARK MATTER with Meryl Streep because of scheduling conflicts.
The star's role reportedly clashed with his new mini-series COMANCHE MOON, and he was forced to drop out.
Producers have cast Legends of the Fall actor Aidan Quinn in the part at the last minute, according to film website moviehole.net.
According to the film's director, CHEN SHI-ZHENG, "It is a blessing to have an actor I've admired for a long time, AIDAN QUINN, join our production in such an important role."
Quinn will play a science professor in the film, which focuses on a brilliant Chinese science student who strives to impress his mentor (Quinn) with his theories on the origins of the universe.
Streep will play a patron of the university with a passion for Chinese culture.

Ormond Joins Soderbergh For Revolutionary Film

Julia Ormond Steven Soderbergh Legends of the Fall Benicio Del Toro Javier Bardem Ryan Gosling Franka Potente Benjamin Bratt

British beauty Julia Ormond has signed to star in director Steven Soderbergh's latest film CHE.

The Legends of the Fall actress will act opposite Benicio Del Toro, who plays communist revolutionary ERNESTO 'CHE' GUEVARA in the biopic.

Ormond will play a female reporter in the film, which is currently shooting in New York City.

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Quinn's Drink Driving Case Goes To Trial

Aidan Quinn Legends of the Fall

Movie star Aidan Quinn will face trial for drink driving, despite claiming he was the subject of a set up.

The Legends of the Fall actor was arrested in Maine earlier this year (04), while he was shooting EMPIRE FALLS.

A local judge has declared the case can move forward to trial after ignoring pleas to dismiss the case from Quinn's lawyers.

01/10/2004 19:50

Outkast Singer Tops Poll For World's Best Dresser

Grammy Awards Legends of the Fall The Great Gatsby

OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 has been named the world's best-dressed man by a British men's magazine.

The 30-year-old singer is renowned for his outrageous fashion statements - he wore a startling lime green jacket at the 2004 Grammy Awards, candy apple red fur for the VH1 BIG IN 2003 ceremony and a pink-on-pink ensemble for the 2003 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS.

But NICK SULLIVAN, ESQUIRE magazine's fashion director, insists the list is more about personal style than a celebrity stylist's style.

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Ormond Rebalances Again

Julia Ormond Legends of the Fall

Julia Ormond is returning to acting with a vengeance - after originally disappearing from the scene in the late-nineties to regain "balance" in her life.

After starring in hits Legends of the Fall and FIRST KNIGHT, the actress stepped away from the limelight to devote her time to good causes such as fighting AIDS in developing countries.

She explains, "There is a point at which - for me it was waking up in a hotel in Prague (and realising) 'I don't want to be 45 and this has been my life.'"

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Aniston Hooks Up With Brad's Bears

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall

Jennifer Aniston has embraced her husband Brad Pitt's love for bears - she'll star in a new wildlife documentary all about the beasts.

The FRIENDS star will star in the sequel to GROWING UP GRIZZLY - which Pitt featured in three years ago (00) - and she'll even try bear yoga on the show.

Pitt got involved with the project after meeting bear handlers DOUG and LYNNE SEUS on the set of Legends of the Fall. He became friends with the couple and agreed to help promote their bear rescue campaign by starring in a TV documentary.

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