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Fascinating Fact: 3460161

21st January 2013

Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund has been named the new face of Yves Saint Laurent's La Nuit de L'Homme fragrance. The star joins the ranks of James Franco and Brad Pitt who are among the...

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The Things They Tweet: 3451717

14th January 2013

"Thanks for all the sweet congratulatory love, friends!" Tron: Legacy star Olivia Wilde thanks her followers for their warm wishes on the news of her engagement to actor boyfriend Jason Sudeikis.

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Garrett Hedlund Finished On The Road Day Of Tron: Legacy Premiere

27th December 2012

Actor Garrett Hedlund faced a race against time while wrapping up new movie On The Road - because he had to be at the premiere of Tron: Legacy in a different city hours later.The star...

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Garrett Hedlund Landed Dream Role In On The Road On His Birthday

8th November 2012

Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund received the perfect 23rd birthday gift from director Walter Salles in 2007 - the role of a lifetime.The actor reveals he fought hard to land the part of literary anti-hero...

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Fascinating Fact 13528

7th June 2012

Actress Olivia Wilde is reprising her Quorra character from Tron: Legacy for new animated TV series Tron: Uprising, which debuts in America next month (Jul12). Bruce Boxleitner also crosses from film to animation for the...

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The Things They Say 22312

18th July 2011

"It was very odd to see people dressed up as me for Halloween." Actress Olivia Wilde was surprised to find so many Tron: Legacy fans donning form-fitting bodysuits to imitate her movie character Quorra last...

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Little Fockers Is U.s. Christmas Box Office Blockbuster

26th December 2010

BEN STILLER and ROBERT DE NIRO's new comedy LITTLE FOCKERS has beaten out TRUE GRIT, TRON: LEGACY and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS to land the Christmas number one in America.Moviegoers flocked to cinemas on Christmas Day (25Dec10)...

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Hedlund's Rep Dismisses 'Pot' Rumours

21st December 2010

A representative for GARRETT HEDLUND has vehemently denied the TRON: LEGACY star has been caught on camera puffing on a cannabis joint - insisting the actor "would never smoke pot in front of" photographers.The 26...

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Tron: Legacy Reboots At Top Of U.s. Box Office

20th December 2010

Sci-fi epic TRON: LEGACY has powered its way to the top of the box office grid, scoring $43.6 million (£29 million) in its opening weekend in the U.S.Jeff Bridges returns to his role as video...

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Wilde Unrecognisable After Tron Transformation

16th December 2010

Actress OLIVIA WILDE shocked pals with her physical transformation for sci-fi film TRON: LEGACY - she got into such good shape "nobody" recognised her.The actress, who plays a warrior named Quorra in the upcoming movie,...

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Star Trek Captains Team Up For Video Game

15th August 2006

LATEST: All five STAR TREK captains are teaming up for the first time for the videogame STAR TREK: LEGACY. The game will feature voiceover work and likeness rights from Star Trek's WILLIAM SHATNER, THE NEXT...

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Shatner Hopes New Game Will Save Star Trek

14th August 2006

WILLIAM SHATNER is so convinced a new STAR TREK videogame will boost waning interest in the sci-fi franchise, he's signed up to provide voice-overs. The 75-year-old will voice his iconic character CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK...

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Jackson Writer Fires Back At Jermaine With Tapes

9th March 2006

LATEST: Journalist STACY BROWN is forging ahead with plans to go public with tapes of conversations he had with JERMAINE JACKSON as part of a "very aggressive" slander suit against the singer. Brown is furious...

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Jermaine Jackson Denies Michael Book Reports

8th March 2006

LATEST: JERMAINE JACKSON has rubbished reports he had planned to write a tell-all book about his superstar brother MICHAEL JACKSON's private life as "lies". Speaking on US TV show LARRY KING LIVE, the 51-year-old dismissed...

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Jermaine Jackson Attacks 'Abusive' Father Joe

7th March 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE's abusive behaviour towards his children would have landed him in jail if he hadn't had the protection of his wife KATHERINE, according to a book proposal JERMAINE JACKSON put forward in...

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Jackson's Brother: 'Michael Used Sperm Doctor'

6th March 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON conceived his two eldest children with ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE using a "sperm doctor", according to a book proposal the superstar's older brother JERMAINE put forward in 2003. The eight-page synopsis, obtained by the...

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Author Glad To Sever Ties With 'Dysfunctional' Jacksons

6th March 2006

LATEST: The writer of a book questionning MICHAEL JACKSON's innocence of child molestation charges, sexuality and drug habits admits he was glad the project was axed - because the Jackson family are "unreal". The explosive...

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Jackson's Brother Questions His Innocence?

5th March 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON's older brother has reportedly questioned the pop superstar's innocent verdict at his 2005 child molestation trial in a bombshell book proposal. The explosive manuscript, obtained by the New York Daily News, alleges JERMAINE...

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