Director Lee Hirsch's critically-acclaimed documentary Bully is to be honoured with the Stanley Kramer Award at the 2013 Producers Guild of America (Pga) prizegiving.

The filmmaker and his producer pal Cynthia Lowen will accept the title, which was established in 2002 to honour "a motion picture, Tv series, studio, network, producer, executive or other individual entity whose work illuminates provocative social issues in an accessible and elevating fashion".

The harrowing feature chronicles bullying in America's schools, and Hirsch is flattered to have his work recognised by the organisation.

A statement from the filmmaker reads, "Receiving this award is a tremendous honour! Stanley Kramer's films have left an indelible impact on our society and illuminate the extraordinary power of film to catalyse and compel action. I am incredibly thankful on behalf of our entire team, to the Pga for recognising our work. I am deeply humbled."

The 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards will take place in Los Angeles on 26 January (13).