The groupie who cast moulds of the rock great's penises admits the time she spend with Led Zeppelin was "horrible".

Cynthia Plastercaster, who famously created bronze sculptures of JIMI HENDRIX and Frank Zappa's impressive manhoods, has revealed Robert Plant and the group's manager RICHARD COLE were despicable when she attempted to capture their penises.

She says, "The fame went to their heads. Rather than embrace groupies, they raped and pillaged their way across America."

And Plastercaster confirms KISS star Gene Simmons never posed for her, even though he wrote the rock anthem PLASTER CASTER all about her.

Speaking exclusively to internet journalist CHRISTINE ADRIENNE O'BRIEN, she adds, "I wasn't into his music or a Kiss fan. I only cast people I want to cast."

She did want to cast tragic The Who rocker Keith Moon, but lacked the know-how to do a good job.

She explains, "I didn't know how to plaster cast. I couldn't use sand and water and I didn't yet know about dental mould. I was going through a two-year experimental stage, nothing I was using was working. I tried to use wax on Keith.

"I laid it flat across the lightbulb to melt. Luckily for him it didn't melt. I had said I needed an apron, and he literally just reaches down and rips the pant leg off his bellbottoms.

"It was this 1940s drapery material, very flowery, and I never washed it. It still has alginates and plaster all over it and I pin it to my shirt whenever I plaster cast."

17/10/2003 02:19