Leann Rimes says a girl threatened to kill her when she was approximately 12 years old.

The 'I Need You' hitmaker, who is married to actor Eddie Cibrian, has revealed she feared for her life when another student allegedly brought a knife to school and tried to harm her because she was jealous of LeAnn's success.

The 30-year-old star told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I was bullied when I was a kid -- when I was in junior high. A lot of girls can get real mean during the 6th grade year.

''I used to perform around Dallas and Texas where I lived a lot. My principal would put something on the bulletin board if I was in the newspaper or something, and there was this clique of girls that did not like it.

''So, I had my locker egged, I had a girl bring a knife to school the last day of 6th grade and tried to kill me! Awesome. So, I'd say I was bullied a little.''

LeAnn attended an anti-bullying event in Los Angeles on Monday (01.07.13) and revealed she still often feels like she is being bullied through social media because of her affair with Eddie that led to the end of their first marriages.

She explained: ''I've been such a target I guess for misjudgement lately, and [get] a lot of anger from some people, especially through social media. Obviously we're [celebrities] underneath a microscope and in the spotlight all the time, but it's no reason to be able to pick apart someone the way that a lot of people do.

''We're human ... this is my job, and then I have my life. But I'm a human being in both of them -- and I think people forget that a lot of times.''