Singer Leann Rimes' feud with husband Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife has turned nasty again after the country star posted photos of her stepsons riding bicycles without helmets online.

Rimes and reality Tv star Brandi Glanville have been at odds ever since the Blue hitmaker's affair with actor Cibrian broke up his marriage.

The singer has since wed Cibrian and the family shots she posts online often rile her rival.

Just last month (Nov12), Glanville took aim at Rimes for putting cute Halloween shots of her kids with Cibrian on the Internet for all to see.

She said, "I have issues from time to time. I didn't have my kids on Halloween. This year they were with their dad and she's (Rimes) tweeting photos and people are calling, saying, 'I saw your babies online' and it breaks my heart because I can't be there with them... I was p**sed... I mean, send me the pictures."

And now Glanville has taken aim at Rimes again on after spying pictures of her children riding bicycles without helmets.

She raged, "She uses my kids as weapons. The problem is she endangers them. I think she is a sociopath."

Glanville added, "I'm taking a moment from twitter to breathe and punch some pillows."