The aspiring actress who warned country star Leann Rimes her new man would cheat on her is reportedly back in Eddie Cibrian's arms.
Pretty Scheana Marie Jancan exposed the TV hunk as a serial cheater in a recent issue of Life & Style magazine and now the same publication reports she's romancing the star again.
Jancan sensationally claimed she was part of a love square, which ended the TV star's marriage to Brandi Glanville. She told Life & Style she and Cibrian were romantically involved for three years during his marriage, but she had no idea he was cheating on her with country star and actress Rimes.
The two co-stars initially denied reports they were an item after surveillance cameras caught them enjoying an intimate night out together, but Rimes and Cibrian, who played lovers on TV movie Northern Lights, have since ended their marriages and gone public with their love for each other.
Jilted Jancan warned Rimes to be careful, telling her, "It's just a fling."
She added, "Eddie cheated on Brandi. He cheated on me. He's going to do it to LeAnn."
And the once-bitter ex, who blasted Cibrian for not officially ending their romance, is now reportedly back in his favour.
Life & Style reports the actor has recently started seeing the 24 year old again.
A source tells the publication, "He (Cibrian) told her (Jancan) he's only with LeAnn for the publicity and that he plans to end things with her soon.
"He has a friend drop him off at Scheana's apartment, where he'll usually spend about two hours. Then a friend picks him up... He's made it clear to Scheana that he wants to continue seeing her."