Lea Michele wants her boyfriends to be like her father.

The 'Glee' actress - who has been in a relationship with actor Theo Stockman for two years - admires men who have similar traits to her father Marc, such as a good sense of humour and caring nature.

She said: "My father makes me laugh - my sense of humour comes from him - but at the same time, I know he's going to take care of everything.

"I see some of that in my boyfriend."

Working commitments mean Lea and Theo - who most recently starred in Broadway musical 'American Idiot' - spend a lot of time apart, but the 24-year-old beauty says her boyfriend still plays a part in her ideal night in.

Explaining what would be her perfect evening, she said: "Take a shower, put on a bathrobe, pour myself a glass of wine and Skype with Theo. That's the best."

'Glee' is often dogged with rumours that members of the cast are dating one another, but the actress insists that isn't the case, a fact she is grateful for.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: "Everyone thinks that everyone is sleeping with everyone.

"We spent every minute of every day together and when we're finished we all go out to dinner, so of course they think we're hooking up.

"I'm thankful that it doesn't happen. If people hooked up, there'd be awkward tensions."