Le Youth Releases New Single 'Dance With Me' Featuring Dominique Young Unique

Le Youth Releases New Single 'Dance With Me' Featuring Dominique Young Unique

Los Angeles-based producer Le Youth returns with new single 'Dance With Me'.  A breezy Clinton-era RnB-influenced track infused with some toughness from rapper/model Dominique Young Unique, 'Dance With Me' is the follow-up to last summer's single 'C O O L,' which made its way up the Hype Machine charts and launched Le Youth onto his first European tour.

Already 'Dance With Me' has been added to the A list at BBC Radio 1, and DJ Magazine just included Le Youth on its Ones To Watch in 2014 list.  Le Youth will be hitting the Radio 1 Live Lounge on February 20.  The track is currently #29 on Shazam and will be released February 11 via Ultra Music.

About Le Youth: 90s sounds refracted through a thoroughly modern aesthetic. Tracks that are serious about moving a dance floor full of people without coming on too strong. Breezy California vibes touched by a twist of European flair and an air of mystery. This is what Le Youth is about. Wes James is the slightly enigmatic Angeleno behind Le Youth, a producer without a past whose music is steeped in it. His signature sound is a blend of Clinton-era R&B and the house music that was lighting up dancefloors and radio stations around the globe during the same period, and the leisurely grooves, airy synthesizers, and pop hooks of a song like his debut single 'C O O L' can easily pull a listener back to the pre-millennial, pre-Internet days when dance music offered a transcendentally blissful brand of hedonism that's considerably harder to find on today's aggro-edged EDM landscape. 

Listen to 'Dance With Me (Feat. Dominique Young Unique)' here: