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LCD Soundsystem
North Anerican Scum
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LCD Soundsystem North Anerican Scum Single

Right the ever-prominent electro-indie monster is growing and growing, pillaging our villages and raping our hi-fi's, where are those hints of the monsters good side? You know what I mean, like when we see King Kong's sensitivity.Well, this just might be the good, and loyal side to this aural beast. 'North American Scum' is the new single from LCD Soundsystem.and it's really good.

Starting from where the previous album left off, this is yet another funky electro head-nodder that strikes a tip of the hat to Iggy Pop, and the Talking Heads. However, what might sound like another party-time anthem actually drills deeper than we might expect from LCD. 'North American Scum' is more of a political mantra. Pledging allegiance to this land, and opening our eyes to the big bad U.S.A, not that we needed reminding though right?! Regardless this song marks the idea that we are now part of the 'American Empire'. Are you as scared as I am? Well don't be, James Murphy's tongue-in-cheek delivery posts all the irony you might need as reassurance.

This is more a wake-up call than simply another 'banging' tune from the LCD. So take heed people. Oh yeah, and the song itself is an incredibly catchy, beat driven stormer. Lets hope the rest of the new album follows suit, and carries its conscience just as successfully.

-Thom Holmes

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