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Lavender Diamond
Open Your Heart
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Lavender Diamond Open Your Heart Single

Lavender Heart has certainly packed more or less all of their eggs in one basket in the sense of their new Single Open Your Heart. Not only are we treated to the Single but also there is a cover track of a Lavender Diamond track and then a cover by Lavender Diamond of Abba's Chiquitita.

There is something about the vocals of Becky Satrk, who seems to capture the imagination of the song. Open Your Heart is the new Single to come from Lavender Diamond. Lavender Diamond, it sounds like massage oil that you would buy from The Body Shop. Funnily enough (dependant on your sense of humour) the song is just as relaxing as massage oil, that is if you have got someone to rub oil on you. Lie back and close your eyes to this! You are taken away with the feeling of being at a hot summers day in the sixties, when no one gave s**t and were just laid back, chilled out and happy. Next up on the Single is a cover of Oh No, but performed by Colin Meloy. This has that Time Of Your Life feel by Greenday to it. Not bad and thankfully it is just an extra. Something for the hardcore Lavender Diamond fan. Again another cover but this time by the band, who cover Abba's Chiqutita, they perform it very well and Abba would be pleased with it unlike some of the crap Steps have done on those Lets celebrate Abba programmes.

Lavender Diamond have certainly packed more or less all of their eggs in one basket with Open Your Heart. These guys and gals don't need to try all of these extras especially when they can produce a 'diamond' track like Open Your Heart.


Mark Moore

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