Oh Lauryn Hill, what’s happened to you! There you were in then 90’s, one of the leading faces of the neo-soul movement, selling millions with your band The Fugees on the back of a youthful-looking appearance in one of the Sister Act films, and now you can’t even pay your rent and look like you’re going to prison! Oh Lauryn…

Yep, it turns out that the soul singer is being sued for eviction by her landlord, after it was revealed by TMZ that she’s been squatting in her current place of living. Hill’s been living in a rented South Orange, New Jersey mansion since 2009 apparently, but she stopped paying the rent on it last month causing her landlord to go to the courts and give her the ultimatum of paying her rent right away or to find herself a new home. If this starts going the same way as the very similar plot to the film The House Of Sand from a few years ago things could be about to get very grim indeed.

Anyway, Hill hasn’t paid so it looks like she’s on her way out. On the, um, plus? side, she’s not going to need the house anyway, because she’s up before the beak next week, when she’ll be getting sentenced for tax fraud, which is set to land her several years in prison. Heart breaking really.

Lauryn Hill
The mis-education of Lauryn Hill evidently saw her skip finance management classes