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Ryan Seacrest Buys Ellen Degeneres' 49m Home

16th May 2012

Ryan Seacrest has bought Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi's $49 million Beverly Hills mansion.The 'American Idol' host - who is dating 'Rock of Ages' star Julianne Hough - is thought to have paid within...

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Ellen Degeneres Selling Home For 49m

5th October 2011

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are selling their $49 million Beverly Hills mansion at a loss. The talk show host and her actress spouse spent $48 million assembling the huge estate - including buying...

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Knightley Makes Most Of Flop

9th June 2006

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is grateful for her role in critically-panned thriller DOMINO, because the movie toughened her up. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star played the late daughter of actor LAURENCE HARVEY, a former Ford model...

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Domino Death Declared An Accidental Overdose

20th October 2005

LATEST: The British socialite-turned-bounty hunter portrayed by KEIRA KNIGHTLEY in DOMINO accidentally overdosed on painkiller fentanyl, according to autopsy reports. One-time model DOMINO HARVEY, the daughter of film star LAURENCE HARVEY, left the cast...

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Painkiller Killed Domino Harvey

5th September 2005

An accidental overdose of a powerful painkiller killed model-turned-bounty hunter DOMINO HARVEY, according to a coroner's report. Fentanyl, a drug more potent than morphine, was found in her heart, blood and liver, according to...

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Stone: 'Bush Is The Manchurian Candidate'

2nd November 2004

Controversial director OLIVER STONE has compared US President GEORGE W BUSH to LAURENCE HARVEY's brainwashed character in 1962 classic THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. As millions of Americans head to the polls in today's (02NOV04) presidential...

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Keira Chops Off Her Hair For Domino Effect

19th October 2004

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has chopped off her shoulder-length hair to play a real-life bounty hunter. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star has just started filming DOMINO, which follows the...

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Richard Chamberlain: 'The Night I Saved Princess Margaret'

5th August 2003

THORN BIRDS star RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN deems the night he whisked the late British royal PRINCESS MARGARET away from a drunk actor as the best moment in his long career. The 69-year-old screen star dined...

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