Laurence Fishburne has no regrets about turning down a role in Pulp Fiction, because he could never have played ruthless hitman JULES WINNFIELD as well as his pal SAMUEL L. JACKSON.
Director Quentin Tarantino approached Fishburne to star alongside John Travolta in his 1994 crime thriller - but the Apocalypse Now star declined the part.
The movie went on to be a huge hit, reigniting Travolta's career and earning Jackson an Oscar nomination.
But Fishburne isn't jealous, insisting the role was made for his close friend.
He says, "I decided not to do it, because I couldn't respond to the part. As a whole piece, it didn't speak to me. It didn't feel like something I needed to do. It's the part that Sam Jackson wound up doing brilliantly.
"I'm glad I didn't do it, because Sam is a bada**.'"