Lauren Scruggs, model and fashion blogger, is improving steadily following a collision with an airplane propeller, but it's become ever more apparent that her recovery is coming at some cost - the latest is that the 23 year-old has lost her eye owing to the accident, following on from the already revealed loss of her hand and other serious facial and shoulder injuries. The incident happened on Saturday December 10th and occurred as Scruggs was getting out of a private plane driven by her friend KURT RICHMOND, reports Yahoo! The complete picture hasn't quite been painted yet as to how Scruggs accidentally walked into the moving propeller but the results of it are, sadly, all too real.
In a statement reported by People Magazine, Scruggs' mother Cheryl commented "Lauren is recovering remarkably well, given the circumstances. The doctors are VERY pleased with her progress." The stricken parent went on to add "She is in excruciating pain, please pray for her appetite to return and for her to have the patience to take this journey one day at a time," and confirmed that strenuous efforts have been made to limit the damage done, saying "The miracle that Jesus gave us is a prosthesis. We continue to be eternally grateful for your prayers and support. It means more than words can say."
Model Scruggs' blog is, and features both pictures of the editor herself and others as part of a commentary on ongoing fashion trends; the last update on the web page before the incident was on December 1st.