Review of Wasted In Jackson Album by Lauren Pritchard

Lauren Pritchard is just 22, and from a small town Tennessee, so you can see where the album title comes from already. Tipped as one to watch, and already noticed by the likes of Paul Weller, and her idol Billy Joel, this is her debut album to break out.

Lauren Pritchard Wasted In Jackson Album

Discovering that her work is all from life experiences, both good and bad, is actually slightly worrying. With the album title being 'Wasted in Jackson', the theme continues with tracks such as 'Not The Drinking', and 'Painkillers'. Is this another album creatively telling a life story, or just a girl breaking out of the small town of Jackson?

There is no doubt that she has a great voice, it's strong, low and confident. As sad as it is to say, but if a few more songs were polished up a bit, they would be quite commercial. Left as they are, they become quite sombre.

'I Hope It's You' could be a radio hit with it's upbeat feeling and catchy hook induced chorus. Add to this that it rings a little bit too true - girl singing 'one of us better be wrong, I hope it's you'. A little bit of humour is never a bad thing.

It's an inoffensive collection of soulful tracks which fit into the category of young sassy female solo artists a little too well. Think Joss Stone, Norah Jones. You're on the right track.

Laura Johnstone

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