Review of The Jackson Sessions EP by Lauren Pritchard

Tom-A-tOe or tom-ar-toe, Al-ooo-min-um or al-you-min-ium? We will revisit dictionary corner later.

Currently residing "in the bushes with the Shepherds of London" Lauren Pritchard has journeyed over the Madison County bridges via a brief spell in Beverley Hills, and the spare room at Lisa-Marie Presley's, to hole up in the big smoke. The Jackson Sessions, thankfully nothing to do with Michael or Janet but a reference to her home town, is her debut EP release on Island Records.

Lauren "I love road trips" Pritchard has caught the ear of some of our more regarded contemporary musos. Ed Harcourt, who has written with Paloma Faith and worked with Jamie (how did I ever get Sophie) Cullum, has co-written the feature tune 'When The Night Kills The Day'. Marcus Mumford, he with the undertakers band name, has produced the aforementioned track. Eg White, collaborator with Adele and Duffy, as well as former member of Brother Beyond, has aided and abetted on the remaining three. Not bad as an opener!

'When The Night Kills The Day' is a belter of a tune. Building and breaking with emotive power. A soulful, deep, smoky, smouldering, smooth and occasionally jagged ranging vocal performance will have your ears glued to the speakers. The tale of the protagonists commitment issues and loves dilemmas is timeless.

Lauren Pritchard The Jackson Sessions EP

"Go on ahead and bring me the roses,
it's almost time for me to be going,
I'm so afraid that I might be lead astray."

The remainder of the EP never quite delivers the same overall quality. 'Stuck' is a more intimate, country tinged, softer number without the climax or crescendo of 'When The Night'. 'No Way' and 'Bad Time To Fall' continue to showcase the formidable vocal talents of Miss Pritchard but have a more American feel of glossed R n B about them.

When The Night is a big song wonderfully delivered. Its ever growing undercurrent gloriously peaking with waves of piano and heavy drama. My only gripe...............................Lauren says eye-ther and not eee-ther!

Currently touring the UK with appearances at The Great Escape Festival and part of Island Life at The Camden Crawl Lauren is well worth a listen. Expect to hear her on a radio near you soon.

Andrew Lockwood

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