Picture - Lauren Pope and Pavement London, England, Saturday 24th December 2011

Lauren Pope and Pavement Saturday 24th December 2011 'The Only Way Is Essex' girls Lauren Pope, Chole Simms, and Frankie Essex enjoy a night out at a bar in East London. After the venue closed at 2am, the girls stayed to have a lock in with other guests and didn't leave until 7am. Chloe was seen getting rather friendly with a male companion, and briefly popped out for a smoke, wearing the man's jumper. She was extremely worse for wear, and stumbled around the pavement. However things soon took a turn for the worse, as she began having a heated arguement inside the venue with one of the other girls. This lead to screams, and glass smashing, followed by an ambulance being called for Chloe, who had a badly cut wrist. Frankie accompanied her to the hospital, where she had emergency treatment. Lauren went straight home by herself. London, England



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