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Picture - Lauren German and Monica Raymund , Tuesday 24th July 2012

Lauren German, Monica Raymund and Beverly Hilton Hotel - Lauren German and Monica Raymund Tuesday 24th July 2012 NBC Universal Press Tour at Beverly Hilton Hotel

Lauren German, Monica Raymund and Beverly Hilton Hotel

The Divide Review

High-energy production values and kinetic physicality draw us into this scrappy end-of-the-world thriller. But it isn't long before the plot and characters have nowhere left to go but down to the depths of human depravity. And by the end it's impossible to see the point.

As missiles rain down on New York City, nine people take refuge in their building's basement. After the dust settles, contamination-suited goons burst in and grab a young girl (Thickson) from her hysterical mother (Arquette), then clearly intend to kill the adults. After a rebellion, they are instead sealed in the basement. Soon a hierarchy develops around building repairman Mickey (Biehn) and his stash of supplies. Then the increasingly menacing Josh (Ventimiglia) and his mercurial friend Bobby (Eklund) take control. Meanwhile, Eva (German) is carefully treading the middle ground.

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The Divide Trailer

Set in New York in the not too distant future, a sudden nuclear explosion happens in the city. In an apartment block near the explosion, the residents are hurrying down to the basement, which was converted from a fallout shelter. Only eight manage to make it inside - the rest are left to die in the blast.

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Picture - Lauren German, Bijou Phillips and... Culver City, California, Sunday 9th March 2008

Lauren German and Bijou Phillips - Lauren German, Bijou Phillips and Guest Culver City, California - Mercedes-Benz Autumn 2008 LA Fashion Week - Whitley Kros Show - Front Row Sunday 9th March 2008

Picture - Lauren German Culver City, California, Sunday 9th March 2008

Lauren German Sunday 9th March 2008 Mercedes-Benz Autumn 2008 LA Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. Culver City, California

Picture - Bijou Phillips and Lauren German Culver City, California, Sunday 9th March 2008

Bijou Phillips and Lauren German - Bijou Phillips and Lauren German Whitley Kros Show - Arrivals Culver City, California - Mercedes-Benz Autumn 2008 LA Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. Sunday 9th March 2008

Bijou Phillips and Lauren German

Hostel: Part II Review

Let's lay the cards on the table: Hostel, to me, was one of the coldest, most blindly-conceived horror films to get released in years, basically acting as torture porn rather than an actual film. So, the fact that Hostel: Part II is more thuggishly ambivalent to thought and structure, more cold and condescending to its audience and its characters, and more wildly absurd in both tone and execution doesn't come as a surprise. To be honest, it makes sense that after two thoroughly fascinating horror experiments (Bug and 28 Weeks Later) are released that Hostel: Part II will easily make enough money to secure a third installment and will set the horror genre back a solid decade.

Basically, Part II is Hostel plus a B-cup. Three girls (Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, and Heather Matarazzo) are in Europe studying art. One of the models for the art course is a statuesque beauty (Vera Jordanova) who befriends the girls and starts a friendship with one girl that borders on lesbianism. Of course, the model gets them to go to a special hot springs and stay at a hostel. Shortly after arriving, the girls are drugged, dragged, and prepped for a slab or a death seat.

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Surrender Dorothy (2006) Review

A Diane Keaton star vehicle produced as a made-for-cable original, Surrender Dorothy is a pleasure for fans of the always interesting Keaton even if its roots as a chick-of-a-certain-age-lit novel sometimes show through.

As a group of 30-ish friends gather Big Chill style for a month in the Hamptons, they can't know tragedy awaits. The core of the group is the enchanting Sara (Alex Davalos), the lifelong muse of her best friend, gay writer Adam (Tom Everett Scott), who shows up with his boyfriend Shawn (Chris Pine). Also in the group: Sara's school chums, Maddy (Lauren German) and her husband Peter (Josh Hopkins), along with their new baby.

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A Walk To Remember Review

A Walk to Remember can and will be known best as "The Mandy Moore Project," the first feature where the popular teen singer stars on the big screen. She is the focal point of the marketing, the reason that most kids will see the movie, and the one player to be under the microscope. Luckily for Moore, and the film, her flaws are few, as she slides easily into one of the more interesting teen roles in recent adolescent films, as the originality of her character, her well-metered performance, and director Adam Shankman's lively delivery lift this movie above most of its counterparts.

The film may look like a relative to the Freddie Prinze Jr. vehicle She's All That (1999), but it's more like a cousin to Robert Mulligan's The Man in the Moon (1991). The story begins predictably enough: Landon (Shane West), a young teen sowing his oats through his high school years, is forced to take on charity work after orchestrating a stupid stunt that nearly paralyzes a kid. While mopping up hallways and tutoring youngsters, he comes across Jamie Sullivan (Moore), a level-headed duckling (not so ugly), with a good heart and religion at her core. If this were Prinze pap, Landon would spruce her up and show the world what it's been missing. Instead, in this Karen Janszen adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel, Jamie stays true to herself, and the shy girl has a life-changing effect on the guy.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Review

Aren't remakes intended to improve on the films they're honoring? First-time director Marcus Nispel may return audiences to the Lone Star State to recreate the horrific and (not really) "factual" events of August 20, 1973, when five hippies were abducted and tortured by a killer named Leatherface and his inbred family of cannibals. But this flavorless rehash ultimately proves you can't just fire up a power tool, hang an innocent teenager on a meat hook, and call yourself The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The new Massacre hacks away everything different and inventive Tobe Hooper's original film did for the horror genre. Graphic yet pointless, it introduces five teenagers returning from a Mexican vacation who make the fatal mistake of stopping to ask a woman wandering the side of the road if she needs a ride. They assume she's on a bad acid trip, and intend to turn her over to the local authorities. Little do they know that their bad trip has just begun.

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A Walk To Remember Review


Can a small town's handsome, generically troubled high school bad boy be reformed by the soft-focus love of a plain, virginal minister's daughter? Will finding out that the girl, despite showing no symptoms whatsoever, is dying from Leukemia change the way he feels about her? Will over-scripted, highly telegraphed, mushy and grand romantic gestures follow? Will he be inspired to reach for his dreams because of her?

If you can answer these questions without being spoon-fed 102 minutes of cheaply cloying, saccharine yet flavorless syrup, then congratulations -- you've just saved yourself the price of admission to the trite, two-hanky teen romance "A Walk to Remember."

Adapted from a novel by sap-master Nicholas Sparks ("Message in a Bottle") and directed by the desperately uncreative Adam Shankman ("The Wedding Planner"), this is a movie that launches soggy spitballs of sentimentality in nearly every scene as in-crowd malcontent Landon (the blasé and insincere Shane West) falls for candied outcast Jamie (pop princess Mandy Moore), in spite of her mousy brown hair and burlap sack wardrobe (it's hard to make Mandy Moore look dowdy).

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