Lauren Conrad can't shop with her friends.

The 26-year-old star - who has her own fashion range - admits she has given up purchasing clothes with her closest pals because they all have such different tastes.

She said: ''My best friends and I all have completely different tastes, so I've stopped shopping with them because they hate pieces I pick. I don't really like copying other people's style, I like creating my own.''

Discussing her clothing range, Lauren believes the kind of girl who wears her designs are open minded individuals.

She told Look magazine: ''What kind of people do I design for? She's an individual. I really wanted to create a line that could be worn in lots of different ways. I see people on the street wearing the clothes and get excited.''

Asked for her style tip, she believes staying true to what you like is the most important thing.

She added: ''It's important to dress for yourself. Have fun with what you wear so you'll look and feel great.''