Lauren Conrad changes her perfume from season-to-season.

The former 'Hills' star says he will adapt her smell to suit the weather and wears heavier fragrances during The Cooler months.

Writing on her website, Lauren said: "I love to change up my perfume selections based on the season. In cooler months, I prefer sophisticated scents that are more saturated. Whether it's a hint of musk, a dash of lily, or a trace of jasmine, I like to think my fall and winter perfumes are a tad more elegant. For fall, I love Miss Dior Cherie. And for winter, Issey Miyake is my go-to. Both scents have a lot more body compared to all of the lighter fragrances I usually wear during the spring and summer season."

Lauren says she's quite obsessed with perfumes as she believes it finishes off her outfit.

She wrote: "To say I love perfume would be an understatement. For me, it's a must. A fabulous fragrance is like the icing on a cake. It's the final touch. Perfume exudes luxury, but for a fraction of the cost. After one spritz of my favorite eau de toilette (as the French would say) I'm instantly elevated-feeling feminine and downright divine."