Review of Laura Veirs album July Flame released through Bella Union.

Laura Veirs was born in Colorado Springs in 1973, and is now a resident of Portland, Oregon. Never heard of her, never been to either? Fear not, she will win you over and whistle you off there in a daydream. (Probably anywhere she sets her mind to actually, having studied Mandarin and Geology, Laura is not obviously short on capability). Laura possesses a lightness of touch and breezy disposition that can transport you effortlessly into her world of sun soaked, hazy day optimism. She is a staple of Lauren Laverne, Radcliffe & Maconie and Bob Harris, has previously accompanied, this years darlings of some, The Decemberists, on 2006's 'The Cranes Wife' and 'July Flame' is the 7th, of many, critically acclaimed albums. This is her follow up to 2007's 'Saltbreakers'.

July Flame is not an instant hit, it doesn't grab you by the balls and make you sit up and pay attention. It's a grower, a builder, a record requiring a little effort, and, for you to put some time in to unlock it's treasure. (Michelle Pfeiffer may spot it a mile away and give you a heads up on 'What Lies Beneath'). Generally composed on 'her crappy nylon-string guitar' in the 'barn' at the back of her Portland house Laura may be forgiven for including among her references; silos, prairies, buffalos, pollinators, dandelion clouds and even.......steer manure! This is not inner city life, this is 'Laura's (heavenly) Star', with guitars, banjos and subtle string arrangements. It's delicate, mesmerising and carries with it a naive vulnerability.

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